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The Cosiest Restaurant in The Cotswolds
"It's bonkers but it works" Michel Roux Jr



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Gloucester Studio is a rustic retreat of a hidden restaurant (as seen on Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr). Seated around a crackling fire, guests snuggle into reindeer skins on wooden benches, dine from wooden plates and handmade cups, and are immersed in the experience.

The exact details of your meal are a surprise as the menus provide examples of what is possible but each booking is personalised to you. Whether you have dietary requirements and require vegetarian or gluten-free options or simply adore lamb and want to experience it cooked over fire, Pyromaniac Chef Kathryn Minchew tailors each evening to provide you with delicious food in an unforgettable setting.

Gloucester Studio opens by request. If you would like to visit, please get in touch to discuss available dates. There are also special events and cookery classes throughout the year.

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Kathryn goes by the name Pyromaniac Chef as she cooks entirely over the fire.

These menus are a starting point, suggesting what is available – but each meal at Gloucester Studio is as distinctive as its diners. In addition to the private dining space of the Kota hut, visitors have the Pyromaniac Chef at their disposal, and Kathryn works with each party to create a unique menu – and an unforgettable dining experience.

Follow the link to feast your imagination and start your journey towards having a truly memorable dining experience created for you.

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My Story

I love throwing dinner parties. Years ago, shortly before leaving for a trip to Barcelona which ultimately inspired the opening of my own restaurant, I recall saying what a shame it was that you can’t earn a living from throwing dinner parties.

Now I am living my dream, because Gloucester Studio is so much more than a restaurant. It is an immersive dining experience, in which I welcome guests  to a space I adore, creating an atmosphere that welcomes and embraces diners.

From choosing the ingredients and preparing each course, through the cooking, flavouring and designing process for every menu, tailoring each to the people who will enjoy it, and involving diners in the cooking and smoking process before I serve each course, I am doing something I love and sharing that passion.

For more information visit the Pyromaniac Chef site, or read through my diary to explore the day to day life of a foodie with a  fire fetish.

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