Glamping 2.0

Glamping 2.0

Camping has come a long way in recent years but last weekend a group of friends took it to a whole new level.

“Do you do meals on wheels?” read the initial enquiry. Alex had attended my crowd funding launch party back in September and wanted to know what I could bring to Far Peak camp site.

With a mix of vegetarians and meat eaters we agreed upon a broadly Turkish meal and after many hours toasting and grinding sesame seeds, mixing marinades and making dough, on Saturday afternoon I packed up my fire pit and headed out into the countryside.

While I was there to cook for the friends, fire pits have a magnetic pull and I soon had a group of people sat around the fire pulling bread dough to make their flat breads. It was a gorgeous day and with a bar set up under a gazebo it struck me that Alex’s idea had been one of pure genius. Once the breads were cooked, food flowed for the next two and a half hours culminating in sleepy children in pyjamas curled up on their parents’ laps to toast marshmallows.

Alex and his friends ate:

Flat breads with baba ganoush and a butter bean puree

Lamb kebabs, orange chicken kebabs, pomegranate halloumi and falafel with tabouleh

Pistachio and rose baklava, poached figs and orange blossom marshmallows

Contact me for information about fire catering from £25 per person.

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