Pyromaniac Prototypes

Pyromaniac Prototypes

Join a small group of intrepid diners to sample three courses being considered for Gloucester Studio’s new menus.

There are a lot of things I play around with at home but feel aren’t quite “there” in terms of being added to Gloucester Studio’s menu. Sometimes this is because they aren’t cooked over fire, other times they feel too simple or not special enough. Pyromaniac Prototypes is a new monthly event where I’m freeing myself from notions of what constitutes a finished or restaurant dish and instead share the ideas that I’m working on. I state that there will be three courses but this is to clarify the minimum I’ll be serving. There may be a course of tapas or mezze items or there might be ten tiny plates. What there will always be is plenty of surprises.

Tickets cost £35 and include the food and mineral water. Additional drinks are available to purchase on the night.

Flame on.


Upcoming events:

Friday 18th September

Friday 9th October 

Friday 13th November

A full refund or charge-free date change is available should any events be postponed due to Covid-19.


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