Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can you seat?

Gloucester Studio seats up to eight diners.

How much does it cost per person?

Gloucester Studio is available by exclusive hire and costs the same whether there are two of you or eight.

You say the restaurant is cosy but I wondered if we needed to dress more warmly for winter time?

Please wear layers as it gets really warm! It’s up to you how roaring the fire is but I often have guests with all of the three windows and the door open because they’re too hot due to getting a bit enthusiastic with the logs. Dress for a party where your friend keeps the thermostat in the twenties. Kota huts were lived in by nomadic Scandivanians and are incredibly well insulated.

Do you cater for all dietary requirements?

All dietary requirements can be catered for with a minimum of a week’s notice before your booking. Please note that while vegetarians and vegans are very welcome, diners are seated on animal hides.

That building is so cool! Where can I get one of those?

There are lots of suppliers and the best people to help you find a hut in your area, budget and level of DIY skills is Grillkota Owners Club. It’s a member-led community group whose only agenda is to spread the hygge.

What is the Bonfire Steak I keep hearing about?

Check out this blog post all about Bonfire Steak.