On the menu: Bonfire Steak

On the menu: Bonfire Steak

My Bonfire Steak has been a popular dish since Gloucester Studio opened. It is a fairly simple dish, just one which takes the whole day. The key thing is sourcing good meat. I buy the rib that I use for it from Nick Browns Butchers in the nearby village of Longlevens. I then soak a tea towel in water and pile it with wet salt and a mix of spices. I smear the salt over the beef and wrap it up like a parcel. Depending on the weight, I smoke it on my fire pit for two to four hours. Once it is cool enough to touch, I unwrap it and remove as much of the salt as possible and remove the bone.

The meat is sliced into thick steaks and the smoked bone joins the beef stock which has been bubbling away all morning. On the evening, my diners cook the steaks to their liking over the fire in the restaurant and eat it with seasonal vegetables and the thick smoky gravy I’ve made from the beef stock.

So why bother? Well, the smoking gives the beef an incredible flavour and the bark or crust which forms gives a wonderful texture. Each steak is surrounded by the flavourful bark but is still raw inside so you can have your meat as rare or well done as you like it without compromising on the deep flavour.

My Bonfire Steak falls under the Fire Cooked Meal option which costs £750 for three courses and serves up to eight people including local wine.

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