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Your meal will be personal to you

Gloucester Studio captures an exuberant fusion of global ideas which underpin Kathryn’s passion for exploring new cultures and cuisines to bring a unique sensory experience to her diners. Behind the scenes at Gloucester Studio is an evolving recipe for an exclusive form of excitement. Click here to read what goes on behind the scenes of each meal.

Prices include food and drink for up to eight diners. Please check the availability of your preferred date by calling 01452 899888 before booking. Please note that bookings require at least 72 hours notice.

Fire Cooked


The Pyromaniac Chef loves a good fire. Cooking both in front of you and in her outdoor Fire Kitchen, Kathryn will serve up three courses (example of Fire Cooked Meal) where wood smoke enhances the local ingredients.

Michel Roux Jr was “blown away by former MasterChef contestant Kathryn Minchew” when he ate a Fire Cooked Meal at Gloucester Studio when filming Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr (read story and watch episode)

Ten Course


Ten decadent courses (example of Ten Course Meal) following the classic dishes you might expect to be served if you dined at Downton Abbey. The twist is everything is cooked over fire.

Review from Jack Rayner at Ox Magazine.

Full Pyromaniac


Five courses cooked over five different fires from smoker to tandoori (example of Full Pyromaniac Meal).

One of the first people to eat the meal described it as, “eclectic, inspired from many cultures, in surprising combinations. The outcome was striking, unique and of course delicious.” (read their full review on TripAdvisor)

If you have a fantasy menu and think Gloucester Studio could provide the perfect setting then please get in touch. Kathryn is happy to work with other parties and the joy of the venue is that most things are possible.

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