It all starts with

The Ambiance

Be ready to fall in love

When you step over the threshold of Gloucester Studio you enter a magical space. The softly lit secret garden in which the charming Kota hut sits cocoons the restaurant from the outside world. This is a private restaurant, an exclusive space and for one evening it is all yours.

Your experience begins with a conversation. What do you crave? Are you looking for a sensory escape from the demands of modern life or are you on a quest for an exclusive and unique experience? The menus are a guide to your food options but the details go deeper as Kathryn seeks to create an experience which will stay with you forever.

Freshly Smoked



In the days running up to your event, Kathryn starts to prepare the ingredients which will be used in your menu. Sea salt and bulbs of garlic will be smoked over ash and bathtub gin with star anise will begin to infuse. Small adjustments to the details of her crafted larder will ensure that any of her liqueurs which will feature are finished with imaginative blends of herbs and spices. Wines selected by Tom I’Anson are chilled and wine glasses are polished.

Kathryn spends at least a whole day shopping for each meal: visiting her experienced butcher, the very best local farm shops, her wine merchant, and specialist suppliers across the Cotswolds, adapting the menu to feature the seasonal produce which is most enticing. The scent of smoke features throughout each fire-cooked menu with a subtle finish from the fine layering of flavours. Salmon is cured in smoked salt, sugar and the bathtub gin as the chicken stock is started. Fresh cream is whipped with smoked salt to make butter as the chicken stock is strained and used as the base for the beef stock. Marshmallows fluff up as the stock reduces and the dough is kneaded.

By the time the guests arrive, everything is ready for the most important final blend of flavours as the dishes are prepared in front of you. From cocktail to flambe and fondue, the fire is both a source of inspiration and the method of cooking.

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Preparing Your



Gloucester Studio is located on a residential street but shortly before you arrive, a handmade wooden sign appears in the front garden with a pathway of lanterns leading you to one of the world’s smallest restaurants. Inside a crackling fire welcomes you to the candlelit building. Find a seat on a warm reindeer hide and make yourself comfortable with the cushions.

The evening will be warm and social as you watch your meal emerge from the fire.

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