2019 SoGlos Lifestyle Awards

2019 SoGlos Lifestyle Awards

Wow, what a night!

Truth be told, one of the best things about awards do’s like this is catching up with people I’ve not seen in a while as well as meeting new people. And of course when I saw new I mean people I know from social media because Gloucestershire is a pretty small county!

The first person I spoke to I actually had a joint project in early stages with their organisation but she was really enthused, gave me her card and we’re now up and running. Hopefully, we’ll have something to announce soon.

Gloucester Cathedral was an incredible venue for the party and I don’t think there was anyone who wasn’t awed as they made their way in with their Neptune Rum cocktail in hand. I got a voucher for a significant discount in my goody bag so I’ll be buying a bottle to experiment myself with soon.

Photo reproduced with permission from SoGlos

I also had a glass of Prosecco from The Cotswold Bar Company and a pint from Dunkertons Organic Cider so much appreciation for the loaded hot dog from The Woozy Pig that kept me somewhat in check. It was a really delicious sampling of the regions foodie suppliers and everyone going to redeem their vouchers made the networking really informal as we kept breaking up and meeting new people in each queue.

While the awards are open to the public vote, SoGlos creates the shortlist so everyone who attended was serious about their business and clearly loves the region. I think that’s what made it so special. Because it is a closed event, everyone you meet has been nominated so there’s a really natural conversation conversation starter as you ask what category they’re in.

Gloucester Studio was up for Restaurant of the Year for the second year running and honestly, it was so amazing seeing my tiny eaterie up against some seriously impressive dining destinations.

Pyromaniac Chef also sponsored Food/Drink Producer of the Year and it really does give me thrills to be involved with so many incredible people who are after all, essential to making my dishes a showcase for Gloucestershire.

With so much going on I almost forgot my goodie bag which I think is another post entirely as I have lots of places to visit to redeem my vouchers.

While glitzy do’s with yummy catering and fancy goodie bags are of course a lot of fun, the real impact of the awards is only just starting. I have already exchanged so many emails and am setting up all kinds of meetings with the brilliant people I met.

Flame on.


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