Candlelight for dark days

Candlelight for dark days

I have been amazed at how busy it turns out I can be with a closed restaurant. I blinked and lockdown 2.0 was over.

Opening will be a little different due to the new rules but I have an exciting festive plan for that which should go live tomorrow. For now I want to talk about candles because why not blog when you have eleventy million things to do?

Actually I feel rather bound to this as I ran a competition to win one of my new fire candles. I asked people how long they thought they’d burn for and Jeff Johnson guessed the closest time with three hours and 37 minutes (mine burned for three hours and 39 minutes). Naturally this begs the question, is Jeff experienced in such fire methods or was he watching me? Perhaps he was just lucky and bouncing around my house alone is making me weird and paranoid.

If I’m running a competition then I need to try and make some sales. So… buy them. Hmm, perhaps I need to ask nicely. Please buy them?

< tries to summon sales skills from copywriting days >


< rubs hands together >

Do you have someone in your life that you just don’t know what to buy them for Christmas? Give them the magical experience of the perfect fire and bring people together OUTSIDE for some seasonal cosiness. Toast marshmallows, wrap your mittens around something mulled and sing a few carols or tell a few ghost stories.

Top tip for the season: Don’t drink red wine then try and take a decent photo
on a battered iPhone if you want to use it for marketing.

These custom cut and dried fire candles were produced for Gloucester Studio. These are much bigger than the ones you see in farm shops and garages (see Chihuahua for size) and have been kiln dried. They burn for at least three and a half hours as they come but will burn much longer if you add small logs once there is space. My candles come with a bag of logs cut to size.

Collection from Gloucester Studio only. £25 here.

I am also selling my usual candles for £10 each. These I can post. They make an ideal gift and each one purchased helps me pay my mortgage.

< reconsiders the begging nature of this but figures she can’t pay her mortgage with the candles themselves >

Now lets all take a moment to admire this professionally taken photo and that lush candle label, yup, that was designed by a bona fide graphic designer.

Since you are surely now overcome by the desire to shop, I shall end this here.

But as a final comment, if you don’t fancy either my fire candles or regular candles, find a way to add a little extra light this advent. Put up some fairy lights in your bedroom or by your desk. We all deserve a little sparkle.

Flame on!

Kathryn x

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