Celebrations during Covid19

Celebrations during Covid19

I had some great news last Friday and while Mini Chef and I have adjusted pretty well to lock down due to Covid19, it was strange not being able to celebrate as we usually would. For this kind of news I’d have told my mum to chill some champagne then headed over with him after school. After a drink in her garden we’d have walked into Cheltenham for dinner before staying the night. But the fizz still went in the fridge and we had a Skype toast after Mini Chef finished home schooling. I also got a lovely surprise from my younger stepson on Sunday evening when he gave me some carrot scones he’d baked with his mum. This morning, I poached an egg and wilted some spinach for my breakfast and focused on the news itself rather than the need to celebrate it.

It left me thinking about how I’ll celebrate Gloucester Studio reopening. The hospitality sector looks to slowly begin reopening from July with social distancing in place. When I chose to offer events from early September (I published blogs on my  Pyromaniac Prototypes on 13th April and The Melting Pot on 20th April) I wanted to pick dates that wouldn’t need to be postponed although of course every booking made will get a full refund should the event not go ahead due to Covid19. While I have no aversion to diners sitting in my garden, that isn’t really the ethos of my restaurant so I’m not sure how social distancing could work, so having three and a half months to my first event feels like I made a reasonable guess.

The reality of reopening will be that I will simply proceed with the first event on the calendar once I am permitted to do so but I’d like to do something for me. I would love to hear any ideas you have to commemorate Gloucester Studio being open. Perhaps I should get some new art for the walls or create a new candle fragrance. Or if you have an idea for how I might make an event work, let me know. If I get a workable suggestion, the person who suggested it will win one of it or a ticket to it (depending on what it is).

Take care and flame on.


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