After a rather tumultuous 2019 I was feeling pretty upbeat about 2020. The New Year got off to a quiet start but I had two booking in March and had just taken on Rachel Berry from Side Plate to develop a new events program. Epic timing right? Fortunately my lovely diners to be have both postponed rather than cancel their bookings and Rachel and I figure this can’t last forever so we’re continuing with our plans.

In the meantime, whilst we are in isolation and needing to both feed and entertain our families, the eBook version of The Pyromaniac Chef Cook Book costs just £1 when the code COVID19 is used at checkout. Hopefully this can help some families both feed and entertain themselves.

The Pyromaniac Chef Cook Book is a call to arms for families to cast aside their notions of barbecues being for summer and embrace year round al fresco cooking. You don’t need to be a pyromaniac to enjoy the amazing flavour that wood smoke brings to food, you simply need a sense of adventure. Cooking over a fire is neither difficult nor complicated. You don’t need much in the way of equipment to get started and the results far exceed the effort required. With advice ranging from using tortilla chips to light fires and choosing the location of a fire based upon what will look prettiest and create the most fun, Kathryn Minchew takes a beautiful outdoorsy lifestyle and makes it realistic for families. With simple, pared back recipes this book is as much an ideas book as it is a cook book. Make popcorn from scratch by all means but flavour shop-bought stuff if it makes it more likely that you’ll head outside to play. This book is not the answer to cooking over fire, it is an invitation to join in the game.

Stay safe and see you on the other side.


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