It’s the Easter holidays and all is calm

It’s the Easter holidays and all is calm

The best thing about children is how they force you to stop whatever you’re doing and live life right here in the moment. There’s always a degree of concern as the end of term approaches but once it’s there, my time is up for all those marketing and admin tasks. That I’m writing this on a Thursday rather than my usual Monday, highlights how my diary has suddenly shifted.

The change of pace is a positive one. Last Friday it meant I invited a friend over to Gloucester Studio to test out a new dish. I’ve cooked entire chickens over the fire in dough before and I’ve cooked fish en papillote but I wanted to combine the ideas to cook fish over fire in a new way. The resulting mackerel with prawns and herbs cooked in dough was delicious and very much enhanced by the sparkling wine. By cooking it as I would for diners and eating it slowly with a friend, I was better able to think how the serving could be improved.

I’ve also been preparing for a trip away by smoking a shoulder of lamb to freeze and shopping for ingredients for a Simnel cake.

I hope your Easter Holiday is equally lovely.

Flame on.


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