Foodie Holiday in Bristol

Foodie Holiday in Bristol

I’d had one of those week’s where you just want to run away to a tropical beach and drink rum served in pineapples as the waves lap the shore and charming young men put joints under tables “for the mosquitoes” (truly, Cambodian bloodsuckers have it mellow). Failing that, I figured we could drive a few junctions down the M5 and go to Bristol.

My friend Ed (who runs the amazing Mexican pop-up The Plumed Serpent Cantina) had told me about Eatchu who would be serving up Japanese Gyoza at Harbourside Market last weekend (don’t worry, they’ll be back next Sunday) so we took the small person and ate the most stunning dumplings I’ve eaten outside of Hong Kong. We grabbed a Sobrasadita* pizza from The Pizza Bike, another round of pork gyoza, dirty chai from The Coffee Gondola and we were set for a rather wonderful picnic.

I’m back into juggling motherhood (the small person is currently off pre-school with a cold) and work but my day’s “holiday” hit the spot. I’m not usually one to prescribe lifestyle paths but I highly recommend that you look out for local food events. After all, I did get a bit of a tan despite the hail storm that broke up the sunshine and that means all of my holiday goals have been met.

Quick question for the parents among you: When do you stop opening your mouth when you feed your children?

* Move over Chorizo and hello Sobrasada (a raw, cured sausage from the Balearic Islands made with ground pork, paprika, salt and other spices).

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