Frost at Gloucester Studio

Frost at Gloucester Studio

It has been freezing recently so I was somewhat trepidatious as I approached the weekend’s meal. The joy of the Fire Kitchen is its proximity to Gloucester Studio but while cooking over fire keeps you warm I wondered what the reality of below freezing outdoor cooking would be like when using a sealed unit (i.e. my smoker).

I took plenty of frosty photos of Gloucester Studio through the week and when I started cooking on Saturday morning, I had to wipe the frost off my bay leaves. The day was clear and sunny; so warm that I soon forgot how cold it had been getting after dark.

Gloucester Studio itself was of course very cosy with its roaring fire but I soon discovered that the smoker is rather like a huge radiator so while it was cold, I had a fantastic heat source out in the Fire Kitchen. So far so hygge.

I’m still working on the lighting down there and while the lit up logo panel looked pretty to the human eye, I couldn’t get a clear photo of it. On a whim I took down a string of battery operated fairy lights to decorate the kitchen while I worked and by the end of the evening they had a crisp coating of frost.

The night had a really magical quality for me and while cooking in freezing darkness isn’t for everyone it contrasted wonderfully with the warmth and laughter inside the restaurant.

Frozen Fairy Lights

I hope you had a great weekend.

Flame on!



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