Spring Cleaning as we prepare for Hidden Restaurants

Spring Cleaning as we prepare for Hidden Restaurants

While it’s raining again now and I have backtracked on my cheery turning off of the central heating for summer, last week featured some blissful weather which meant Spring cleaning time.

I don’t enjoy housework as no sooner have you finished than you start again, but each Spring I spend two days on Gloucester Studio and my garden and the effort pays off until early June when I prepare the garden for the party we have each year to celebrate my husband’s Birthday. It’s also hugely satisfying as the change is huge.

Day one and my son and I hit the garden centre.


He fell in love with these “Bumblebee Flowers” and given I’m not much of a one for colour schemes in the garden I happily let him choose all of the other flowers. We nipped into a DIY shop to pick up wood stain then it was home for some hard work.


It takes about an hour and a half to stain Gloucester Studio and as she faces South, I’m always surprised at how much of a difference the stain makes. Four pots of purple flowers and she was looking dressed for Spring.


Of course there’s more to my garden than Gloucester Studio so I also stained the dining area my husband built for us. We eat so many meals here as a family in the summer but some diners make use of the space for their welcome cocktail on warmer summer evenings. Another ten pots of flowers and I was another two hours down.

Then it was pruning and tidying up before a hot bath.

Day two is always far harder physically and includes my hated job of cleaning the wood stain off the windows of Gloucester Studio. My kitchen also looks awful as I strip out the interior and after a good clean, apply a fresh coat of black paint which takes the rest of the day and overnight to dry.


The next morning I was able to dress the interior again and I was finished.

Including shopping time the Spring clean takes about 12 hours and is just one part of the work that goes on behind the scenes of running this hidden restaurant.

Flame on.


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