Trying out fire pits at The Malthouse Collective

Trying out fire pits at The Malthouse Collective

I spent a lovely day at Salmon Springs Trading Estate a couple of weekends ago doing a demonstration using the amazing fire pits for sale at The Malthouse Collective.

Gloucester Studio has a beautiful fire pit at her centre but after years of use my secondary fire pit is no longer fit for purpose. Last summer I bought a cheap portable one but it doesn’t thrill me with its appearance and while it does the job adequately, I want another pretty one.

I cooked some spicy rice on the fire pits and fell in love. Because I don’t have the largest of gardens I’ll be buying one of the smaller ones that cost £285 and have a 60cm diameter (the larger ones cost £365 and measure 90cm in diameter). They are incredibly sturdy and look better once they’ve rusted a little.

They are for sale at The Mathouse Collective, Salmon Springs Trading Estate, Cheltenham Road, Stroud. GL6 6NU.

I do not work for The Malthouse Collective and this post is not sponsored but The Pyromaniac Chef Cook Book is now for sale in their shop.


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