The week I was there on your TV

The week I was there on your TV

Given that it was filmed last summer and I’ve been talking about it for a month, you’d be forgiven for not being super excited at my episode of Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr finally being on TV. But you weren’t. There you all were getting excited on my behalf. You have no idea how much I loved the messages where you told me you had planned drinks and snacks to accompany your viewing.

Actually lets stop. You do get that right?

Because in my world I’m a woman who happened upon a business idea at a pretty low point in her life and it took off in ways I could never have imagined (I got to hang out with Michel Roux Jr for heavens sake!) but the majority of my day to day life is pretty standard. Today I took my son to the dentist. And the tip. We went to Sainsbury’s then ate hummus and taramasalata with carrots, celery and grapes for lunch. I’m not boasting that my child eats taramasalata because he dips grapes in it. I feel slightly revolted admitting it to you but I’m trying to paint a picture here.

It has been wildly exciting checking my shop each day as the orders keep coming in. And I properly fist pump the air each time I sell a book.

When my part of the show started I received over twenty messages in a minute from people saying they could see me. Sure among them was my best friend and my mum but over half were from people I’ve never met. As the segment rolled on, the messages rolled in. And they continued into the weekend as those who’d set to record or were watching on catch up caught up.

And each time I loved it. Because I’ve been trolled a bit this week as you’d expect. I was prepared and none of them made me cry (and I cry at adverts – like the one for dairy free products and the mum is distracted and the chipmunk has to remind her to feed her child, yeah I am a seriously weepy woman!) and that’s because they were almost lost in a tidal wave of enthusiasm.

It has been a good week for bookings as well as book and fire box sales but while that’s what keeps the business going, I’ve had a great reaction to the recipes I’ve been posting at Pyromaniac Chef and people have been positive about my new little magazine, Flame. I’ve had some lovely chats with people including a school wanting a Kota Hut for their pupils and it’s all been rather fabulous.

March cover-page-001


So, I’m glad you all enjoyed the episode and I hope your week was full of lots of other wonderful things.

Much love and as always, Flame on.


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