Small Scale Baking

Small Scale Baking

Even before lock down, I was very much against food waste but whereas a few leftover cupcakes could be thrown in the freezer for the future, with flour still a little tricky to get hold of, I’m reluctant to make more than Mini Chef and I will eat there and then. I was speaking to my mum the other day and realised it might be worth sharing how I’ve been doing small scale baking.


1:1:1:1 Recipes

The easiest way to make a batch of cupcakes cakes the size you desire is to combine equal quantities of eggs, butter, sugar and flour. Begin by weighing your egg(s) and go from there. I baked last Friday and based on my 47g egg I made the below cupcakes (it made 4 very small ones).


47g butter at room temperature

47g caster sugar (or frankly whatever you can get at this point)

47g egg

47g self-raising flour

2 tbsp marmalade


1. Cream together butter and sugar until pale.

2. Beat in egg.

3. Stir in flour and marmalade.

4. Bake at 180°C until golden brown.

This is a very half-baked recipe (I’m not even sorry) but can be applied to pretty much any recipe you are using. Just reduce the cooking time and check regularly.


Multiple dishes with a single batch

On Saturday I barbecued burgers for Mini Chef and I on our second camp out (read about the first one here). Because you can’t really make very small batches of bread dough, I decided to make two brioche rolls and use the rest of the dough to fill with some marmalade (as you may have guessed from the above recipe, I’ve been making a fair bit) to bake for breakfast. What we didn’t eat, I sliced and separated with pieces of  greaseproof paper before wrapping in foil and freezing. The paper makes it easy to separate a single piece to toast for breakfast.


I’d love to hear how you’re changing how you cook and whether you’re doing any small scale baking during Covid-19. Please let me know in the Pyromaniac Chef Facebook Group.


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