Advanced Cookery Course

Advanced Cookery Course

A couple of weekends ago I ran another Advanced Cookery Class and Eleanor made arguably the most beautiful griddled pie to date. I love seeing the shapes my students go for when making their pies; I’ve seen plenty of crescents and circles, a few resembling sausage rolls and one which absolutely collapsed (but nevertheless tasted good).

The unique shapes reflect how the fillings are tailored to each student and this is an important aspect of the course for me. It’s all very well to go renegade and put Parmesan on your pasta dishes with fish and drink red wine rather than white with that dish but I seek to help my students gain confidence in finding their palette.

When designing restaurant dishes I must tread a standard line. I might get a booking where the diners like hot and spicy food but in general I aim for what the average person likes. Cookery writers do this as well.

When creating dishes for myself it’s a different story. I like my food hot and laden with fresh herbs. What my course does is encourage my students to create and adapt dishes to their tastes.

Eleanor left this lovely review (using her daughter’s profile) on TripAdvisor.


I don’t have any dates for future cookery classes booked on a single ticket basis but am happy to book classes for small groups on an exclusive hire basis. If you’d like to book an event for your friends or your next corporate team building day, please get in touch.

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