What does bespoke even mean?

What does bespoke even mean?

Because Gloucester Studio largely opens on an exclusive hire basis, most things are possible. My most outlandish enquiry was probably from the PA to a member of the House of Saud (or so he said). I have cooked to British halal standards before (back in my museum days I catered for a film screening event when we had no budget yet did have a kitchen and I had a valid Food Safety qualification) and it was deemed acceptable (we checked with the Muslim organiser) to simply source the meat from a halal butcher. In the House of Saud instance we discussed not only a new smoker and replacing the metal in the central fire pit but creating a tented prep kitchen. After all that, the minor royal looked at his options and chose somewhere else to eat.

Back in the real world, I have three examples of what bespoke can actually mean.

The Hen Party

The bride was a classy lady and a cliche hen do was her idea of hell. Her maid of honour reached out to me and asked if they bought my cheapest restaurant option could I create something a bit different. Of course! The resulting party was loosely inspired by La La Land with the guests doing a blind taste testing of champagne, Prosecco and Cava then dining on comfort food from the Southern states of the US. They left with goody bags featuring candles, popcorn and bracelets.

The Corporate Team

The PA to an international team contacted me to help create the entertainment side of a high pressured series of meetings and team building events. The meal itself was fairly straightforward but the PA wanted everyone to have a take home and she loved my book. At the end of the evening, everyone was given a gift wrapped copy.

The Cookery Class

Today’s blog was inspired by an enquiry I took last week. A group of friends are interested in a private cookery class (you can join one of my events or for a minimum of four people book a class on a date to suit you) and the organiser asked whether it would be possible to stay on and have a few drinks after their course. That struck me as a lovely idea and my wine merchant Tom I’Anson is working on some ideas for a tasting evening for them.

We live in a world where terms like bespoke and customisable are often over used but at Gloucester Studio I am always open to new ideas. I’m really excited about our new spoon carving and Fireside Anthology events and am always open to new collaborations whether that’s hosting a workshop at Gloucester Studio or having your tiny wedding reception here.

Flame on.


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