Happy New(ish) Year

Happy New(ish) Year

It’s not really New Year any more but when it was actual New Year it was the school holidays whereas now it’s home schooling and that’s an entirely different kettle of fish (which allows an hour or so a day to work while Mini Chef is dialed in to a lesson).

Despite lockdown, I’m trying to continue with my plans and since January is generally a quiet month for restaurants things don’t feel too different right now. Yesterday I (re)launched a monthly newsletter as the business is increasingly event led and I wanted a way to give regular updates. You can read it here and if you’d like to get future ones then please pop your details below. I won’t spam you because frankly I lack both the time and inclination.


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So, to events. Towards the end of last year my PA Rachael reached the end of her firefighting list and I filed my accounts with HMRC early. It was pretty exciting given that I had hired her just before the first lockdown and after doing a handful of tasks she disappeared on me. When our kids went back to school in September the list of things to do had grown so we immediately launched into it. Christmas was chaotic for me as I cancelled party bookings and launched a grotto for families instead but Rachael was starting to look forward. She got a new newsletter template designed and we brainstormed events that could run through 2021 including new Pyromaniac Prototypes (March has sold out but there are tickets available for April and May plus the brunch in April), a spooky exclusive hire for Halloween and repeating the Hampers from Santa.

For now Gloucester Studio is closed but I can still share the love and so for Valentines Day I’m creating a takeaway to really woo your partner. Available with Prosecco (£100), non-vintage champagne (£115) or vintage champagne (£125) for collection only from Gloucester Studio after 12pm on Saturday 13th February.

You can see it all at a glance on the events page.

It is, I’ll admit, pretty ambitious to carry on regardless (albeit with February seeing takeaway options for the first time) but I was able to run the Pyromaniac Prototypes in September and October and had four festive bookings so I think I just need to plan and hope for the best. I’ve also taken on exclusive hire booking for later in the year so it seems that you want me to be offering bookings and we’ll just hope we can run them. Of course, if any events cannot be run you will be offered the choice of a refund or an alternative date later in the year.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing you again and until then, stay safe.


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