And I lived happily ever after

And I lived happily ever after

The Gloucester Studio story has not been without its drama. That is possibly the greatest understatement of my life; it’s been deeply stressful and very difficult. It’s hard not to take the actions of bureaucrats personally because despite my business barely touching their radar (to the extent that sometimes they haven’t even acknowledged paperwork and held things up for no discernible reason) it is personal to me! This restaurant isn’t just my livelihood but it has been a place for refuge and inspiration. Every day I open my kitchen blind and there she sits, sometimes sparkling in the frost and often shining in the sun.

It has meant no escape for over two years. When my divorce was taking forever (there may be a trend emerging about me and the legal process) I forgot about it for days at a time because I was happy in a new relationship and busy with my work and new stepkids. But when your challenge faces your kitchen window, every cup of tea made and plate washed is a reminder of the situation.

I’ve put a happy smile on things and over the last year when operating under a temporary permit I pretended that it was forever.

I found out yesterday whilst at Chepstow Castle with my mum, son and dog. It was a typical Welsh day in the Springtime so it was wet. Very wet. (One of my mantras is that there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing). You can’t beat a Welsh castle in the rain for a great day out. And I’ll never forget standing there and the email saying I’d won. It was over (this fight at least).

Happily ever afters are stories that haven’t finished yet but for this week at least, I’m taking my win and feeling absolutely over the moon.

Flame on!


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