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Gloucester Studio appeared on the third episode of Hidden Restaurants with Michel Roux Jr.

“It’s extraordinary to see this in a shed in a suburban back garden,’ says Michel. ‘Kathryn cooks meat in front of you on a fire pit. It’s bonkers but it works. I really enjoy watching amazing food being created in the face of unbelievable challenges.” Michel Roux Jr, Daily Mail




“The four hours you spend in Kathryn Minchew’s back garden feel like a holiday; you depart feeling like you’re in on a secret, that you’ve discovered a new style of sensory pleasure that’s forward-thinking and innovative yet primal and intrinsic, and most of all, like you’ve been catered for by a passionate, witty, consummate culinary adventurist. And if that isn’t one of life’s greatest pleasures, feel free to write in to OX Magazine with your alternative suggestions, where they will be promptly ridiculed and ignored.” Jack Rayner, Ox Magazine

“Many a professional chef would balk at the prospect of cooking such a varied and sophisticated meal over flames and smoke, and when you consider that Kathryn has had almost no formal training it makes what she achieves even more remarkable.” Emma Dance, Crumbs Magazine (Page OnePage TwoPage ThreePage Four & Page Five)

“The hut is found by walking through the back gate and following a twinkling fairy lights down the garden. Inside the fire roars and guests can take a seat on reindeer hide covered benches around the edge. The hut, traditional in Scandinavia, takes on Tardis-like properties, bigger on the inside, with Chef Kathryn wielding tongs and welders gloves instead of a sonic screwdriver… As the embers died down and we stepped out into the cool autumn air it felt as if we’d been miles away from the small back garden in Linden.” Jenni Phillips, Gloucestershire Live




“This restaurant brings together everything I love: The food is cooked in front of your eyes, Kathryn shares her passion as she cooks, it’s a very laid back atmosphere (don’t dress up – just layer up your clothes as you’ll definitely get warm), many of the ingredients she are local and seasonal, and of course, I am always up for a BBQ – especially one that includes slow-cooked meat. ” Roseann, Honeybourne Line

“If you are planning on travelling to, through or near the Cotswolds, have a special occasion coming up or just love food then the Gloucester Studio will be well worth a visit for you. Home of The Pyromaniac Chef, Kathryn Minchew, an ex-Masterchef contestant offers a unique tailored service…  I really enjoyed my time at The Gloucester Studio and the food was of a very high standard. ” Joy Jackson, Pinkoddy

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