The Pyromaniac Chef

A love of fire

Gloucester Studio is the home of what I do – but there’s so much more to the story of the restaurant and the food I create that a meal here doesn’t cover. Behind every booking is a network of relationships, a lifetime of passion, and a mountain of research, experimentation and playing with flavours and techniques.

When we built a Kota hut in the garden and fell in love with the space the first step towards living this dream came from spending so much time in there, and guests at dinner parties gathering there after a meal…and then during a meal… and then for the meal. And as we ate in the hut, sitting around the fire, I looked into the dancing, sparkling flames and knew that there were ways that I could use the fire to cook the meals and still be with my guests rather than dashing off to the kitchen.

As I began to experiment with cooking on fire, I discovered the wide range of additional sensory experiences that came with dining and cooking in the hut – the smoky flavours, the lingering scent of charcoal and burned sugar, the tactile textures of the dishes I was serving food on, and it became so much more than just great food.

And thus my alter ego, The Pyromaniac Chef, was born. All the things I love, all the sensory experiences and passion and flavour, brought together in a way that means I can share the Gloucester Studio experience with a wider range of people than those who make it through the restaurant doors.

Pop over to the Pyromaniac Chef website – there you will find information on the food I create, the way I build flavour and depth in my dishes, the creation of my first recipe book, a range of Pyromaniac Chef products like candles that take the scent of my Kota hut home with you, monthly subscription boxes in which aspects of my restaurant experience are delivered in a range of flavours, scents, recipe ideas and surprises that mean you can explore and love the same foods that restaurant diners are enjoying in your own home.