Advanced Fire Cooking teaches students how to build dishes

Advanced Fire Cooking teaches students how to build dishes


Yesterday I ran my first Advanced Fire Cooking course and my students and I were blessed with beautiful weather. After a quick tour of the restaurant and fire kitchen we headed inside to put the kettle on and discuss the day’s objectives.

Where my Beginners Fire Cooking course is aimed at getting my students confident around what is possible over a fire pit or basic barbecue, for my advanced course I was keen to give an insight to how I create my dishes.

My students Michaela and Howard were the perfect candidates; they have a Kota hut themselves (which I love that they call The Shed) but admitted they often cooked the same things.

We talked about how I don’t cook barbecue but instead layer smoke flavours and we smoked the flour and salt that we went on to use in the griddled pies they had for their starter.

Howard’s favourite part of the day was where I cooked some strips of chicken with some basic flavour elements then cooked more and more samples, adding complexity each time. They then created their own marinade for their epic T-Bone steaks using those principles. While they had their doubts about my suggestion of Michaela using floral notes, hers was the hands down winner. Howard however felt his could’ve taken more mustard so for future classes I’ll get some minute steak so my students can test their recipe and I sent Howard home with some mustard ball and pickled mustard seeds with the homework of tweaking the recipe until he was happy with it.

For pudding we toasted and ground cardamom seeds to add to a self-saucing chocolate pudding. I know it worked well because after they left, my family fell on the leftovers in a manner I’m glad nobody witnessed.

If you’d like to learn more about cooking over fire do please get in touch. Course dates are available at and I’m happy to organise bespoke events.

I hope you’re enjoying the current good weather.

Flame on.


Edit: Michaela was kind enough to leave me a lovely five bubble review on TripAdvisor.


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