The bar is open at Gloucester Studio

The bar is open at Gloucester Studio

Last autumn I crowdfunded my fire kitchen but while the smoker has been up and running for several months, my intention was to have a bar so in warmer months my diners could feel welcome in the area. My hope is that by having a designated table for them to put their drinks on, it’ll be clear that it’s a space for them as much as me.

Gloucester Studio was originally built to be a home office for me and I had a table top made to cover the fire pit. Of course, I never used it because whenever I was down there I lit a fire. We also had a spark guard which didn’t get used. Given we had these hexagonal items, I asked my husband to build a table using them. I love the finished result and we invited some friends to open a bottle of fizz in celebration.

It was as though the universe heard we were open for business as since then, my phone has barely stopped ringing and I’m working every weekend through May and June!

My first May booking was a fantastic group who drove all the way from London (then back again) because they wanted the steak they say me cook for Michel Roux Jr. They were also kind enough to leave me my first review on Trip Advisor which you can read here: “Awesome!!!! Great food and ambience”

My last May event is of course the launch party for my next crowdfunding project on Saturday 27th May. For £75 (with £50 going to Alzheimer’s Society and Lilian Faithful Homes) I’m cooking the three dishes I made for Masterchef and the Bonfire Steak I cooked for Michel Roux Jr. I’m also working on some goody bags so it should be a really special evening and quite unlike anything I’ve done before. If you’d like to attend, tickets are for sale here.

Flame on.


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