Cookery lessons get wild (and spiky)

Cookery lessons get wild (and spiky)

In every business there are certain customers that represent milestones. Last September I was nearing the end of my crowd funding journey for The Pyromaniac Chef Cook Book and while I’d had a steady stream of pledges, there was still a couple of hundred pounds to go before I reached my target. If I didn’t hit my target, the project simply wouldn’t happen. Then I got an email from Amanda saying she wanted a cookery lesson, the most expensive pledge on the list. I answered a few questions then bam, I’d hit my target! My first book was going to happen. Thank you Amanda!

The lesson was a Christmas present for her siblings and the very wise and patient Amanda waited until the weather would be good before booking the lesson.

Over a course of five hours, the family shaped and baked flat breads and slow cooked a spicy starter to dip those breads into. They hollowed out pineapples and filled them with fragrant egg fried rice and skewered prawns and chicken to be grilled while the pineapples baked in hot coals. Finally they filled oranges with rich chocolate brownie.

It was a wonderful afternoon requiring a liberal basting of ourselves with SPF rich lotion and featuring a lot of laughter.

A wild cookery lesson is distinct from one in a cookery school in a number of ways. Firstly, it’s completely private so just you and whoever you invite can relax and have fun together. It’s completely bespoke so while there are suggested menu’s, we can cook whatever you like. Finally, you can have it at Gloucester Studio or (like Amanda) have it at your home and invite family and friends over. I had five people in Amanda’s lesson and we cooked for nine people, meaning that the lesson paved the way to a bank holiday party.

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