I read a Facebook post by The Rusty BBC Co. on Wednesday night where owner, Russell Gill suggested a communal barbecue. I thought it sounded wonderful and will be joining in myself. I thought it’d be nice to also have a virtual meet up where we can raise a glass.

If you’d like to join the free Zoom call, please send me email to hello@kathrynminchew.com with #cuetogether in the the title. I’m a huge advocate of fresh air so despite the cold, please do drag out your barbecue (unless you’re lucky enough to have a Kota hut like me). Michaela Brown will be helping me out on the night and I have a suggested menu of something baked in foil, a version of a meatball and something flambed. I’ll be sharing my ideas about what I’ll be cooking over on my Facebook page.

Whether or not this is something for you, I hope you’re having an ok day and managing to keep your chin up.

Flame on.


Mental wellness & support is a real concern, now more than ever. Join us in showing your support, solidarity & let those around you know you there for them during their darkest times.

I’m calling on the #bbqcommunity to light up their coals, fire pits, chimney starters or gas grills on Saturday 30th January at 7:30pm. Post a picture of your fire, with just the hashtag #cuetogether to let people know you are there for them.

My aim is to flood social media with images of the light from the humble flame to spread the word, but also for people to be able to identify a support channel open to them if they are struggling. Please all support me in spreading the message far & wide. Thank you!

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