I haven’t had a weekend off since April

I haven’t had a weekend off since April

And I’m loving it!

I had a vegetarian in last weekend’s party so I decided to make the main focus of the meal suitable for everyone and flambed beetroot gnocchi with cognac and served cheery smoked beef and mushrooms as a side dish to this.

This weekend I’m at Cheltenham Food Festival (Saturday at midday in the Chef’s Kitchen) then on the 24th I’m at Tewkesbury Food & Drink Festival (Saturday at midday). On Friday 30th June there’s a wrap party to celebrate the end of my fundraising (I’m currently 12.3% funded). Tickets cost £20 for paella and wine.

Gloucester Studio usually closes during July and August due to it being a bit warm to sit around a fire so the weekend of 16th/17th July is my last slot until the autumn. Do let me know soon if you’d like to book it!

Flame on.


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