The one with the pistachio roses

The one with the pistachio roses

My favourite flavour ice cream is pistachio and rose and while the puddings served at Gloucester studio recently have included Seville Orange Rice Pudding (baked in the fire in a hollowed out orange), Chocolate Puddings (also fire cooked in an orange shell) and Crepes Suzette, all of them were topped with an ice cream flower.


To get the vibrant colour and taste I grind pistachios before sieving them to ensure a smooth nut flour. I then fold this into a rich custard made from egg yolk, double cream and sugar. The finished custard is then set in silicon shells to freeze.

Just an hour in the life of my little restaurant and this isn’t the main element of dessert, simply a finishing touch to a fire cooked pudding. For the full story of what goes into a Fire Cooked Meal, read my blog over at Pyromaniac Chef: What makes a meal cost £750?

Don’t forget the launch party for my next crowdfunding project on Saturday 27th May. For £75 (with £50 going to Alzheimer’s Society and Lilian Faithful Homes) I’m cooking the three dishes I made for Masterchef and the Bonfire Steak I cooked for Michel Roux Jr. I’m also working on some goody bags so it should be a really special evening and quite unlike anything I’ve done before. If you’d like to attend, tickets are for sale here.

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