Pyromaniac Prototype Brunch

Pyromaniac Prototype Brunch

My second Pyromaniac Prototype event on Friday night was really lovely and the Goatober menu was thankfully a hit with the diners.

The meal began with tiny pumpkins filled with kid curry and roasted which I was happy with but it was the brioche with aioli, smoky barbecue sauce, gherkins, a kid smash burger, a griddled slice of halloumi and topped with pulled shoulder of kid that I’d smoked for seven hours that won the show. They were huge and everyone’s eyes went 😍 when I brought them out. They hit one of the best responses of any plate of good I’ve served over the last few years but I didn’t get a single picture of them so you’ll have to imagine what they looked like 🤦🏼‍♀️

I shall endeavour to do better next month as I really need photos from my exciting new brunch event.

Gloucester Studio now offers bed and breakfast as an add on for exclusive hire bookings. Naturally, the breakfast will be cooked over fire and will showcase some of the regions best produce.

12pm start with food finished by 1.30pm but you are welcome to stay for the afternoon and enjoy a few drinks around the fire.

Ticket includes food only and will feature a full English featuring all items voted in on my Facebook and Instagram plus a tasting menu of baked items.

Drinks aren’t included and a selection of tea, coffee, juices, smoothies plus a bar will be available.

I’m so excited for this one as I adore breakfast food and am very taken with the idea of making a smoked Bloody Mary.

Flame on.


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