Greek inspiration for Autumn recipes

Greek inspiration for Autumn recipes

The weather is colder, Gloucester Studio has reopened for another year of cosy fireside meals and my week in Greece is a fast fading memory. I spent the first week of September in Athens and had a wonderful time exploring the streets (and street food), taking a cookery class and creating recipes in the kitchen of my apartment.

One of my favourite things I learned to make was badjina which is often referred to as naked pie due to its lack of pastry. The courgette and feta concoction is somehow both light and richly comforting. I was eager to see how it fared, cooked over fire and it was fantastic. Served with a roasted aubergine and pepper salad plus some sesame dredged bread, it will definitely be on the menu for my diners.

I had been eager to taste fresh taramasalata and it was incredible. The gloopy pink stuff you get at the supermarket is something I’m a big fan of but the real thing far surpasses it. Tracking down fish roe is now on my to do list although I also need to do more research into whether I want it fresh, salted or whether the salting is something I need to do myself.

Finally, I ate some phenomenal spit-roasted lamb. I’ve being pondering a spit for some time. My concerns are that used inside the studio it would be unpleasantly smoky but the weather outside in winter is too unpredictable. I tasted so great I think I’m going to give one a try and see how I get on.

I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready to cosy up for a hygge winter.

Flame on.


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