A smoked roast to round off half term

A smoked roast to round off half term

Half-term started out pretty grim due to our youngest being unwell and the weather being rather wet. Much as I like to say there’s no such thing as bad weather (only inappropriate clothing), when you’re not firing on all cylinders it’s hard to summon the desire to head out.

A midweek fire-cooked curry and flatbreads helped keep morale up and by the weekend the weather was glorious again and I was eager to get the smoker lit.

The middle child had requested a roast when I was making the meal plan for the week and I decided it was high time I adopted my usual method for feeding the family and kept things really simple. Just as I throw the components of a roast dinner into the oven while I focus on something else, I decided to just chuck them in the smoker.

I’ve got two tiers to my ProQ so the chicken went in the lower one and the sweet potatoes went on top. I didn’t even salt the chicken and the potatoes just had a few slashes made in them so they didn’t explode. A bulb of garlic to roast in the cavity of the chicken is well worth doing but I didn’t have one to hand and was focused on painting the porch.

I’m highly suspicious of the thermometer on my smoker so I don’t know what temperature I was cooking at (I use a probe to test whether the chicken is cooked) but it took a couple of hours. After 90 minutes I replaced the potatoes with corn on the cob (smeared with butter and covered in smoked salt and freshly ground black pepper) wrapped in foil. I cut the potatoes into wedges, gave them a drizzle of oil and more of the salt and pepper and put them in the oven at 180 for half an hour to finish off. The last thing on the table was the first lettuce I’ve ever grown from seed; peppery mitzuna which I dressed with just a few dashes of angostura bitters.

It was a meal that could easily have a dozen improvements but the kids loved it and it took very little effort.

I cooked more sweet potato than we’d want so that’s now in the fridge with the leftover chicken and stock I made from the carcass. They are earmarked for the risotto I’ll make for tea.

Next weekend is a big one as it’s our annual garden party. As you’d imagine I’ll be going all out.

I hope you’re enjoying the return to favourable weather.

Flame on.

Kathryn x

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