Stunning weather for a party with friends

Stunning weather for a party with friends

On Saturday, we celebrated my husband’s Birthday at our now annual start of summer party. After a week of concerning (in a first world problems sense) weather reports it turned out to be a glorious day and an absolutely fantastic gathering of friends.

Over the course of the day people drifted in and out (with the exception of Siobhan who arrived first and kept me up until 4am – a full four hours after the party had pretty much ended – with her pouring of wine and Irish charms, damn that wonderful girl) which meant we never had crazy numbers and I mostly kept up a decent bar service with regards to the lassi I was blending up and the curries from the potjie and tandoor served with (admittedly shop bought) chapatti reheated on the fire pit. Towards the end of the day the tandoor lost heat and I had to finish the chicken on the fire pit but overall it was wonderfully low key and not too much like a busman’s holiday.

I hope you’re enjoying the return to good weather.

Flame on.


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