Tewkesbury Food Festival

Tewkesbury Food Festival

My incredibly busy June ended at the Tewkesbury Food and Drink Festival where my son formed part of the audience. I really enjoyed being on stage again and hope I can do more festivals next summer.

For now though, it’s time to be winding down a little. My brother is visiting from Hong Kong so I have lots planned with him but it’s also time to do some planning for the 2017/18 season. I have new menu ideas but some are very experimental so I’ll be spending my summer testing them out.

June was my fundraising month for dementia charities and while I didn’t raise what I’d hoped at crowdfunding, my second book is going to be published. In total I raised £876.20 but my family has decided to fund the printing of the book (as I’ve had so much interest for finished copies) so that the full £876.20 will go to the charities plus everything raised from the sales of the finished book.

I definitely tried to spread myself too thinly last month and spent most of last week ill with a terrible cold. While there are some very exciting plans for later in the year, I simply took on too much. I’m now focusing on enjoying finishing the book and not attempting an impossible task list.

I hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather.

Flame on.


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