Tomato gluts and smoked boar

Tomato gluts and smoked boar

While I had a number of ideas for my first Pyromaniac Prototype meal on the 18th of September, a visit to my mum a few days prior clarified what I was going to make for the starter when I saw her green tomatoes (not really) ripening in the sun. I love sundried tomato bread and was struck by the desire to slow roast (to partly dehydrate) the green tomatoes to incorporate into a sourdough bread. This would beautifully cut through the richness of duck eggs baked with cheese. While the recipe has room for improvement the flavours worked really well and this week I roasted every tomato I could lay my hands on to stock up my larder (or in this case, freezer).

For the main course I was determined to make a Bolognese (possibly with venison) to serve with spaghetti squash but I was won over by some boar legs and beautiful looking plums. The boar was smoked, the plums cooked with apple, the squash still made an appearance and was also joined by some beetroot. The boar turned out beautifully and I’m eager to cook it again.

For my next event I am sticking to my planned menu as I’ve placed my order with Lizzie Dyer from Just Kidding.

Taking place every October, Goatober is an international food festival with two aims: put more goat meat on the menu and put all male goats born into the dairy system in to the food system.

Goatober website

I love kid from both a flavour and an ethical perspective so there was no question in my mind that the next Pyromaniac Prototype event on 9th October would feature it. If you’ve never tried it before, it’s like a slightly gamier version of lamb. I absolutely love goat but appreciate that like mutton it does tend to divide people. However, I’m yet to serve kid to anyone who didn’t like it so be brave and book a ticket!

Flame on.


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